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Vegan Warrior (8 videos)

Vegan Warrior (8 videos)

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Vegan Warrior is your go-to video guide on ways to attain the lean and healthy physique you want on a vegan diet. You will discover the truth behind commonly known misconceptions people have toward this amazing lifestyle. Find out how prominent athletes are able to stay at the top of their game on a plant-based diet. Famous Athletes Play A Role In Promoting The Vegan Lifestyle

Have you ever wondered why many prominent athletes opt for plant-based protein instead of animal protein? That's because research by the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition showed that plant-protein diets is the better choice for building muscles.

Within this package, you will find the following: 8 videos (zip file)

In this 8-part video series, you will learn:

  • Workout plans for vegans
  • Testimonials of vegan-athletes
  • Dietary outline
  • Tips for transitioning into Veganism
  • Debunking common myths
  • … and MANY more!

Some of the topics inside:

  • The ever-popular craze behind veganism
  • Ways to begin your vegan journey for better health and performance
  • Debunking the myths and misconceptions you might have about vegans
  • The list of famous athletes who opt for the vegan lifestyle despite initial criticism
  • Simple workout plans for vegans to achieve the lean physique they want


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