Frequently asked questions

What are the benefits of reading ebooks?

In most cases, ebooks are cheaper than paper books. they are Instantly available worldwide - just download the ebook and start reading right away instead of waiting for the slow mail to arrive.

What are the eBooks File formats

Tenbellow offers e-books in pdf format. PDF files are compatible with most devices, including computers, smartphones, and tablets. PDF is a fixed-layout format, which means that the layout and design of the book remain the same, regardless of the device it’s read on.


Once I have purchased my ebook, will it be available immediately?

Yes, once you have purchased the ebook it is yours to download immediately. The title is stored on your account and you can access it at any time by logging in with your username and password.  


If an ebook becomes corrupted or requires replacement during the normal course of use, you can re-download from your account. We  do put a limit on the downloads to prevent abuse of the system.



Can I Share My eBook Files?
When you purchase an eBook, that copy is designed for your own personal use. While you can copy an eBook file for use on another device you own, such as a portable eReader or smartphone, you cannot share copies with other people. You also cannot sell used eBooks; ownership is yours only, and cannot be transferred.

It is not permitted to buy one copy of an ebook and then load it onto multiple devices for several people to use. Nor can you load a book onto a device and then pass the device on to multiple individuals one after another.

If you buy an ebook and give it to another person, it is theirs to keep for life. But they may not then lend or share it with another user. If you want to provide, like, 10 copies of an ebook to 10 people, you will need to pay for 10 copies, and then distribute the ebooks to the 10 people.


What is your refund policy?

An ebook you purchase from is eligible for return if you have a "valid reason" and we receive your request within ten days of the date of purchase. We will issue a store credit in the amount of the original sale. Returns are for store credit only. And never expire.

What is a "valid reason" for returning an eBook?

We take a commonsense approach to refund requests. What constitutes a "valid reason" can change over time, along with changes in technology, and will be determined entirely at our discretion based on the circumstances. 

"I didn't enjoy the eBook" is not a valid reason.

examples of "valid reasons"

The eBook didn't meet technical standards

The eBook falls short of its description

The eBook does not perform as described by us

There's a variety of valid reasons that can trigger a return. Just contact our support team, we're very reasonable and we'll be glad to help.

We monitor returns and refund requests in order to prevent abuse. The ability to buy more ebooks from will be withdrawn if, in our sole judgment, we have reasonable grounds to believe the user is abusing the system.

EGift Cards
Egift Cards are sold on a firm sale, non-returnable basis. 


Pre-Orders, Refunds and Exchanges


You will be charged the full amount once your pre-order is placed. If we cannot fulfill your order for any reason, you will be fully refunded for those pre-ordered charges.

You may cancel a pre-order of a book, product or digital content at any time before the release date or before the date shipping starts and receive a full refund. As our print books and products are made on-demand, tailored specifically for each order or print run, pre-orders are non-refundable after the release date or shipping date. Only store credit will be applicable.