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Praying to the wrong God - The Book #1 bestseller

Praying to the wrong God - The Book #1 bestseller

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Praying to the wrong God 

This Book could save lives. (Shipping included in the price)

If your prayers are not making the impossible possible in your life then you may be praying to the wrong God.

Most people on earth are praying to the wrong God. Yes, it is True!
They are not praying to the True God 

This new book "Praying To The Wrong God." by  N.B. The Messenger is about helping you remember The Truth About the True God. - The Truth About Your True Identity. - The Truth About The Creation of this Universe. 

Here's What You'll Discover Inside...
  • praying to wrong God   Who is "the Father" that Jesus refers to?

    praying to wrong God   What do you believe God can do for you?

    praying to wrong God   The nature of the True God.

    praying to wrong God   Discover your true identity.

    praying to wrong God   The real truth about the creation of this world.

    praying to wrong God   The difference between the God of the Old Testament and the God of the New Testament.

       praying to wrong God   Why do most prayers go unanswered?

    praying to wrong God   karma and salvation.

    praying to wrong God   The easy way to pray to get your prayer answered faster.


    praying to wrong God   Asking in Jesus’ Name? - You may have been doing it all wrong.



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