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English German Travel Phrases (10 videos)

English German Travel Phrases (10 videos)

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Do you love to travel, but get frustrated because you don’t speak the language? There aren’t many travel experiences more challenging than being unable to communicate with someone while visiting a foreign country. In a real sense, without good communication, there will always be a language barrier that will keep your trip from being as exciting as it could be.

Within this package, you will find the following: 10 videos (2 zip files)

This comprehensive resource is your ultimate companion, providing you with all the essential phrases you need for a seamless travel experience. From basic conversations to medical emergencies, dining out to shopping, and even travel-related situations – we’ve got you covered.

Get all the key phrases you need to know for your basic needs while traveling in Germany: basic conversation, medical issues, restaurant and dining, shopping, and travel. No matter what kind of learning you prefer, you can get it all in this handy resource


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