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3 Reasons You Don't Have What You Want - And What to Do About It

3 Reasons You Don't Have What You Want - And What to Do About It

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This book demonstrates that there are only three reasons behind all of life's problems.

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Discover The 3 Things Blocking You from What You Want and How to Fix Them.

Do you ever feel stuck, frustrated, or unsure why you're not getting what you want in life? If so, "3 Reasons You Don't Have What You Want and What to Do About It" is for you. In this book, N.B. The Messenger reveals the three things holding you back from your dreams.

This book doesn't focus on "sorry reasons" like laziness or procrastination, nor does it delve into "religious excuses" such as lack of obedience or lack of faith. Instead, it goes deeper, revealing the real core reasons behind your challenges.

Whether you're facing challenges in your career, finances, relationships, health, or personal growth,
this book gives you deep insights and practical advice to help you overcome obstacles and create the life you dream of.

It's time to turn the page and embark on a new chapter—one filled with success, fulfillment, and happiness.

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