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Will you die or will you survive? Best Selling Book

Will you die or will you survive? Best Selling Book

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This Book could save lives. (Shipping included in price)

With daily headlines dominated by the financial crisis, global recession, growing unrest, global pandemics, extreme weather events, diseases, disasters, global famine, predictions, and prophecies about wars, the need to be prepared has never been more evident.

This new book "Will you die or will you survive" by Dr N.B. is about helping readers get prepared physically and spiritually to survive the very real and imminent possibility of some very difficult times ahead while revealing rare insights about death and longevity. Some of the information that you are going to read in this book is unique information that you may have never heard of before. This book is for people of all faiths, beliefs, cultures, and traditions.

Here's What You'll Discover Inside...
  • What is going on in our world?
  • Are these the end times?
  • Is there a radical change coming?
  • How to prepare yourself for what's coming.
  • Do you have a pre-set dying date?
  • Can you decide when you want to die?
  • Can you postpone or delay your death? How to do it.
  • Can you die before your time? | How to prevent it.
  • What to (Do and Not Do) if you want to live longer.
  • And much, much more!
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